NYC day 2. Because wine not.


Day 2
It felt good to sleep this morning.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss my little family, but damn.
Sleep is good.  I think we put in a good 12 hours, having gone to bed around 9.
We were up and ready for 9, and had our lovely continental breakfast  (yay for upgrades).  I had plotted out our whole route today with subway in mind, you just never know what to expect with a preggers and an old lady with you, but alas, we ended up walking. It was gorgeous and sunny out today. Although it doesn’t look very fally here- the trees are still very green. 

We ended up walking to FAO Schwartz where we did our Christmas shopping.  There are going to be some very happy little children, I’m super pumped at the gifts I found for Willis and Lucia.  Okay, I found something there for Dan too.    Between the three of us, we decided that we had too many bags, so we opted to have it messengered to our hotel which was brilliant. It was so nice to continue on our walk up to Serendipity 3 without all that baggage.  

I thought Serendipity would be perfect for mom with it’s cute décor and Tiffany lamps hanging from everywhere.  The food was awesome and we even had the famous frozen hot chocolate for dessert.  It reminded mom of the hot chocolate they used to make when they were little using cocoa powder and sugar.  This time we went upstairs to see the rest of the restaurant and the table from themovie“Serendipity”

 After our scrumptious lunch, we headed over to Bloomingdale’s to wander.  So many pieces that were awesome.  Mom and I were all over the cape/poncho coats and I found a really really pretty one from Michael Kors…but in the end, not one purchase was made. CRAZY!!  Once we had fully toured the museum of Bloomie’s, we decided it was time for a lovely stroll.
One of my favourite parts of walking in NYC is playing the “New Yorker or Tourist” game.  We did tons of guessing while we strolled up Madison Avenue to our next dessert destination of Ladurée.  French macaroons?  Yes, please!  We picked out a couple and found ourself a bench in Central Park and enjoyed our treats.  Except Mom wouldn’t try them because they weren’t the type of coconutty macaroons she thinks macaroons should be.  Franchement, maman.

 We ended our afternoon with a walk through Central Park while heading back to our hotel.  Mom got her picture of the Ed Sullivan Theatre and Kyla and I enjoyed our Green Tea Lemonades.  We took a breather at the hotel, got ready and then headed out to find a restaurant and our theatre for the show: You Can’t Take it With You” featuring James Earl Jones and Rose Burns.
But first was sushi at Aoki right next to the theatre...most excellent.  The play was also fantastic, once again my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.  Added bonus was staying around after to meet the actors and chat with James Earl Jones.   I wanted a picture with Rose Burns but she had already left :(



  1. so. much. fun!!! i want to go soooo sooo bad!

  2. Seriously, chatting with James Earl Jones? My jealousy just kicked up a notch...or two. Serendipity is one of my favorite movies of all time. Our entire trip to NYC was built around that movie - my hubby planned the whole thing for me. I really need to blog about it.


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