In the spirit of gratitude


I wasn't planning on posting today, it is a holiday, after all.
But last minute we decided to come home Sunday night instead of Monday, which gave me a quiet evening to go through my photos from our Thanksgiving weekend.
 (Love when the kids fall asleep on the car ride home from P.A, that's a blessing in itself.  Hubby and I were able to have a great talk, without interruptions.  Kinda.  I might have spent a lot of time trying to figure out if it was the moon taking it's sweetasstime rising in all it's glowing red glory, or if it was a fire burning and pulsating in the distance- TransCanada had just blown up somewhere in that direction too.  It turns out it was both: a Harvest Moon and the glow of a fire. Or a spaceship) 
Wow. That was a long sentence.
So, Thanksgiving.  Two full days, two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Prince Albert is where we lay our scene.
We had Uncle Josh and Nicole home from Winnipeg, as well as the somewhat bearded Uncle Chris. And then there's the very much bearded Uncle Rob.
We spent a lot of time outdoors as it was fall like summertime hot outside and by that I mean that Dan burned and Lucia was confused when she couldn't bring her bathing suit to the lake, which we didn't end up going to anyway because the internet broke or something like that in Winnipeg, causing the two brains behind the whole brilliance to work their magic and fix things. So we went to Little Red instead of Waskesui, which was fine by me as there was less driving involved.
I also spent some time playing at the park I grew up playing in when I was younger.  It's mostly the place where a much younger Daniel tried to hit on a much older me.
The monkey bars were so small in comparison to how it seemed when we were 9.
I'm glad there was plenty of outdoor activity because of the two turkeys involved and seven different pies. I kid you not.
As a result, I am very full.

It was a blessed Thanskgiving and I'm grateful for my wonderful family and the wide open spaces that we have in this beautiful province.  So wide open, that you can apparently see a fire burning that is many, many moons away.

Here are some of my favourite pictures.


Have a lovely day!

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