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Dear friends,
In case you can't find me today or tomorrow for that matter, please look in Simons.  I will likely be living there, surrounded by complete and utter beauty. Ahhhh, I love fall shopping.
Also- I will be daydreaming about a new post idea I had....it's going to be called "Dress the readers"...so if you want to be a guinea pig for this series, comment below or pass me an email.  I'd love to find an outfit for you.  I may just being doing that as you read this....falalalalalalalsimons!
Things I love

Knit dress
55 CAD - simons.ca

Zebra top
38 CAD - simons.ca

Leopard sweater
53 CAD - simons.ca

Faux fur vest
24 CAD - simons.ca

Military fashion
42 CAD - simons.ca

Worker thigh-highs
4.39 CAD - simons.ca

Vintage jumpsuit
64 CAD - simons.ca

Knit handbag
24 CAD - simons.ca


  1. OOH...me, me, pick me! You know I want you to be my personal stylist! I know I'm being greedy, because we have plenty of great stores here, but WHY don't we have Simons? Have a great weekend!

  2. Personal shop me those socks and the knit handbag (as long as you don't mind being twins!). I'll email you the cash! . . . .Or can I just order online from Simons?!?!?! I shall have to go see! Love your fashion posts!!!! Look out for any preggo wear :-) I definitely need some help. I currently have only 3 pairs of bottoms that fit me!


Have a lovely day!

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