Summertime faves: Kelsey


I met Kelsey through ball and fell in love with her instantly.  She also was a student at Cross my first year there. That means we're instant family.  Currently, Kels is travelling the world and blogging her story over at Toques and Tan Lines.  How fitting.  

My Favourite Things: Summer Time Edition

My favourite part of summer is having a nice big campfire at the end of the day. Simple enough to do, take some wood and light it on fire, but after having a summer with barely any beach fires I've come to appreciate them all the more. Some of my best summer memories always seem to have a campfire involved.

So what is it about campfires? Could it be the food? I love food and nothing beats something cooked over an open flame. Hotdogs, marshmallows (for smores of course), eggs, bacon, the list is endless. Despite having a couple singed fingered through the years, its the best tasting food out there, but not the reason I love campfires so much.

How about the outdoors? I love nature and will find any excuse to be outside if the weather is nice. Fires are the perfect way to do this once the sun has gone down. I can think of no better way to watch meteor showers or listen to the loons than fireside. Even with all she has to offer, Mother Nature still doesn't come close to being the best thing about campfires.

So what is it then? It's each and every single person I've ever shared a campfire with. I have met some of the most interesting and awesome people sitting around campfires. People from all walks of life, all ending up at the same place to share food, drink, nature, and the occasional song. Even though your clothes and hair may stink the next day, the memories made from the night before are totally worth it. Fire does not discriminate, and that is the case with campfire socials, everyone is always welcome. So if you ever hear that I'm having a fire, bring a chair, get ready for some laughs, and we'll roast some marshmallows together!

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  1. the smell of a campfire...some of my favourite childhood memories come from the smell...and holy pie irons, smokes, hot dogs, and other yumminess that comes along with the experience. Plus the conversation helps us make memories - love your analogy about everyone being's so true!


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