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Two posts today on this almost back to work Monday.

I have taught with Liz for the past 5 ish years, but our story goes way back.  I love that she is always willing to share, regardless how busy she is. That includes this post, right before leaving for a summer trip to Portugal.  Lucky gal! She has blogged for me in the past here, here and here.

Liz's Loves

The second post is by one of my besties, Alynne.  She blogs over at Check Your Calculators at the Door and is probably one of the sweetest gals you would ever be blessed to meet.  She has blogged before for me here, here and here.

When I close my eyes and think about what love looks like to me, I envision the sweet embraces exchanged with my children, the loving smiles and little giggles shared with them on the front step.  In hard times, it’s the sad tears on our children’s faces that only Mark and I can wipe away and their heavy hearts that only we can lift, because we are their people, the ones they trust and love to take care of them and guide them through.   That is what love looks like.

Love is sacrifice.  Sacrifice our own needs and wants for our children, to help them to grow, succeed and feel loved. When I had Karter, I was chosen to receive this beautiful gift and my needs, my wants subsided and my focus was shifted to what was meant to be, what God handed me to love.  From then on, each decision I make, and every action I take, will be based on the love I have for my family.  Mark sacrificed a career that he loved and was successful at, but would take him away from us for weeks on end, so our family could be together on a daily basis.  Why, because of the love he has for his family.  His presence in our daily lives’ is love. Those selfless, sacrificial acts are a beautiful and powerful expression of love.  That is what love looks like.



Have a lovely day!

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