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 I "met" Lana in the blogging world whilst participating in the Style Me Fashion challenges.  We have linked up our blogs, and have gotten to know each other over the course of a couple months.  She blogs over at Two Teens and Their Mama and has some brilliant insights into life.  I love her voice.  
Then during our trip to Seattle, I actually got to meet Lana and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.  She's compassionate, kind, genuine and definitely an instant friend.  I could spend many afternoons sipping coffee and chatting with her.
What a wonderfully small world this place can be. More on that meeting later, for now, you* MUST read this story.  
*and by you, I'm referring you to YOU, husband...this would be a dream come true if it ever happened to me.....:)

What Love Looks Like….at 40

In early 2007, I was feeling a little down.  I’m normally a positive person, and birthdays don’t bother me.  But I was about to turn 40, and for some reason I was having a hard time with that.  I was feeling old and frumpy, and wondering if maybe my husband might want to turn me in for a younger version.

He most certainly did not.  And behind the scenes, he was working really hard to make sure I knew how much he loved me, wrinkles and all.

For months he had been planning a huge surprise.  A wedding vow renewal in Sonoma, California with most of my family and close friends present.

He arranged the hotel rooms and venue.  He coordinated flights to get everyone there.  He had my sister pick out two dresses to bring so I could choose my favorite on the big day.  He planned everything to the last detail….to show how much he loved me.  And I had absolutely no idea.

On Friday morning, he woke me up early, with my bags already packed, and whisked me off to the airport.  When we arrived in Sonoma, we had a romantic dinner where he asked me to marry him again, and gave me a beautiful ring.  I know how lucky I am – of course the answer was yes.

The surprises continued the next day.  First my best friend arrived, then my sister with the dresses.  When I walked around the corner for the ceremony, there was my extended family and friends.

I don’t think I have ever felt so loved.  And I have to admit, a little embarrassed  – I hate the attention focused on me.  Uncle Larry officiated, and my sweet husband reminded me how much he still loves and desires me.   I will always be the one for him, no matter how old we become.

Afterwards we had a wonderful dinner, where we toasted to love, and birthdays, and always being there no matter what.

I was reminded the day I turned 40 what love looks like.  And I know it will still look that way when I’m 50…and 60….and….


  1. Loved reading this! What a sweet thing to do and the perfect birthday gift!


  2. I am speechless. And you know that is a new thing for me!
    Wonderful, wonderful Husby! What a sweet, considerate, beautiful thing to do. I think you should have him bronzed. Oh. Wait. Maybe your idea of immortalizing through pictures was better . . .

  3. I love it! Your dress is gorgeous and the whole day looks perfect! What a special day :)

  4. Did he really manage to pull off the surprise part? I celebrated the big 6-0 this year. I'm not big on surprises and my husband of 32 years is a pretty low key guy. Just in time for my almost birthday, I had a health scare---hospital and all--in Honolulu where my husband was doing a 3 month sabbatical---only about 6,000 miles from home (Philadelphia). He was totally there for me. Four days after my birthday, my husband's 50 year old brother was found dead from a previously undiagnosed heart problem. My 60th birthday present was unequivocal proof that we still have each other's backs in sickness and in health.

  5. Deena, I am glad that I found your blog through Lana's post. This series is a really fun idea!

    Lana, I have not seen your original wedding photos - but I can't imagine how you could have been any more beautiful than you were in these. Your sister picked the perfect dress for you! And I'm amazed at how your husband made sure every single detail was just right. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story for us all to enjoy!

  6. How incredibly sweet!! I love this post!

  7. Wow! That's amazingly beautiful! Tomorrow I celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary so this was very fitting. It's not a surprise but we are running away to Charleston for the weekend and I couldn't be happier! Love the pictures you look amazing!

  8. OMG Lana I loved this! Your hubby is price charming!


  9. awww love Lana and LOVE this post!
    Two things: I completely missed the boat on being a part of this series AND so so so jealous you guys got to meet! That's it, I'm making a trip west ;)

    1. Do it!!!! and I'll definitely hit up you for the next series.

  10. What an awesome love story. <3 Loved this. Lana, you're lucky to be married to such a romantic.

  11. Loved this!! I always joke that I'm gonna be single forever, but in reality, I wish a man would love me this much!! And can I just say...It's awesome that you two got to meet!!! SO FUN!!!!

  12. THIS IS AWESOME! Beautiful dress, as well!


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