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Jordan is one of my favourite people in the world for many reasons, but I think the biggest reason, without going into a whole post,  is the way she and her hot hubby, Hugh are raising their family.  Values, morals and lots and lots of love.  She has blogged in the past here, here and here and maintains her own very honest story over at Just Jordan.  I'm thrilled she wanted to be a part of this.

When I first started thinking about what love looks like I immediately thought to the nurses exclamation of “It’s a boy” while I laid on the table delivering our second son, Tripp, by c-section. 
At that moment my heart was filled with so much love. An intense love that I hadn’t been expecting. It was different than the love I felt when our oldest, Calder, and youngest, Boone, were born.
When I was pregnant with our first I hoped for a boy and low and behold that was exactly what I got. My entire pregnancy with Tripp I hoped for a girl. Like REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, hoped for a girl. I actually rarely entertained the thought of the baby being a boy. My husband, Hugh, often reminded me it could be a boy, but I wanted a girl, therefore it was going to be a girl. 
Tripp was not a girl and the moment they announced his arrival the idea of a girl faded into black. I had two boys and nothing could be better than that. I actually started crying, I was so overwhelmed by the intense emotion. Pure Love. I had spent most of my pregnancy loving a girl who didn’t exist. Those 3 little words, “It’s a boy”, sparked a tidal wave of love to crash into my heart.
I think in the weeks around Tripp’s birth and death, there was more love present than at any other time in my life. Love filled our house as our family filled it to be with us. Love was with Hugh and I when we held Tripp in our arms during his last minutes. Love was there when Calder sat on our laps as we cried when we arrived home. Love was laced through visits, emails, gifts, and cards from friends. And during the saddest moment of our lives, there was laughter and in that laughter, there was love. 
I think that love is present in any moment you open your heart to someone whether it be to share in their grief, or celebrate their accomplishments. I also think that if you want your life to be filled with love you need to open yourself to be vulnerable and make a distinct effort to connect with those around you. 


  1. Jordan is awesome. Thank you for sharing this. I agree whole heartily with that last statement.

  2. This is stunningly beautiful and heartfelt.


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