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Yay, Jana!  This is her first Shoes to Shiraz guest post!  I've been nagging every time I do something because I love this girl, and I know you would too.  She is a work friend that I admire and love spending time with...not gonna lie, one of the major reasons I'm sad leaving work is not being able to check out her cute outfits and have lunch with her on the daily.  Anyway, enough from me....let's hear what our last guest blogger has to say!

Our love story:  Trying to have children was more than a bit difficult for my husband and I. The docs said we basically had a 50% chance or less as one of my stupid ovaries wasn't working as it should- we tried for 5-6 years, put our name on the adoption list and eventually came to the realization that maybe parenthood was going to be too elusive for us. I knew I had love to give, but finally accepted that I could love my husband, my family and my pets, but a child just wasn't in the cards. 
Out of the blue, through my cousin, we were contacted by a young woman who already had a 4 year old and knew she couldn't handle another. We both turned 40 that year...after talking to this young lady, I knew she was firm in her decision and wouldn't waver....we'd heard all the horror stories about people getting a child and the birth mother changing her mind at the eleventh hour- after meeting her face to face, we were in!
She called me when she went into labour, and about 19 hours later, I was holding my son- healthy as a horse and oh so beautiful!
He just turned three in August and is the love of our lives- he will be an only child, which is fine with me- a full time job, a husband, a kid and a dog is more than I can handle some days...;)

LOVE is the most important ingredient in this recipe-   for her unborn child and the unimaginable decision she made to give him up gave US the opportunity to give him the life and love he deserves.

I thank God for her every day.


  1. Amazing story, Jana. Your son is gorgeous. I am thrilled for you!

  2. So sweet - and a good reminder that love comes to us in many ways if we keep our hearts open! Such a cutie!


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