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Today's post calls for a five fold ode to my happy place, but it's also going to be an introduction to the next series : what love looks like.  I received some genuinely honest and beautiful entries that I'll be sharing with you over the course of the next couple weeks, so make sure you come back and check them out!

As for today, I'm going to do my version of my normal Friday post but with a love twist.  For me, a very important example of love is the sacrifice and hard work by parents.  We didn't have a lot growing up with Mom at home taking care of us and Dad working his ass off to bring home some money.  But what we did have was two loving parents who were bound and determined to bring us up with strong values and a plethora of memories that would last a lifetime, and that they did.  They loved us so much that they gave up their own wants and needs to please us.  Or maybe they are just the selfless type of people who did anything to make someone happy. Ya, that sounds like my parents, both so very full of love.  Funny...I married a guy who is very much like that too.
One of my favourite parts of my childhood was the yearly trip out to B.C to see my Aunts, Uncles and cousins- the best memories were made.  So for my list of 5 faves, I'm happy to show you my 5 most cherished recollections of those trips: an ode to my happy place.
But not really.
It's just a list.

1- The smell of fresh mountain air.  Mom and Dad would have to clarify this, but I'm sure we drove the 14 hours to Vernon, B.C every single summer of my youth.  The trip up would always have us stopping somewhere around Calgary, but on the way home Don did the entire drive in a day.  Yowza.  That's a lot of mixed tapes to get through.

2- Crystal clear green water of  Kalamaka Lake.  My aunt and uncle's place is beachfront and we spend every waking minute there.  In fact, I might be there right now as you read this.....

3- Visiting with family at the lake house, the cabin on Silver Star or the B&B ranch.  There are so many places that my two sets of family (uncle and aunt on my ma's side) have, that there is something different to do all the time.  Horses? Sure.  Nature walks on a mountain? Sure.  Jetskiing?  Sure.

4-  Family time spent together for many, many hours in the car.  Without iPods, iPhones and really anything to keep us from spending time together. I distinctly remember spending a good portion of the ride home convincing Rob and Kyla that I could sleep with my eyes open.  And they believed me.  They probably still do.

5- Peace, calm and beauty.  I don't know what it is about this place that I find so alluring  but I would move here in a heart beat.  Now only if Aunty Judie would sell me her place....

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  1. Hope you are enjoying creating those memories with your own families!
    PS - I remember that truck and trailor - maybe that is even the one we slept in parked in the driveway as we got older?

  2. gah! i need to be at that lake house RIGHT NOW! where was my invite? :) thanks for linking up!!

  3. Stopping by from Andrea's link up. What a wonderful post! Filled with amazing simple summer memories.

    <3 Sarita

  4. I wish I was at Kalamaka Lake right now! We took many 24 hour road trips to Los Angeles when I was a kid, and we had no phones, movies or ipods. My boys can not understand how we survived :).

  5. love this, and i know you're giving your children so many beautiful memories to look back on too! You're an awesome momma!


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