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I am officially over my summer wardrobe.  Fact.  You can write that down.  I'm done.  I have no interest in wearing shorts, tank tops or maxi dresses and I am yearning for leggings, boots and sweaters.  This is likely because summertime makes me lazy and laid back in a good way.  Or we can blame it on Mother Nature and the coolish, overcast weekend.  Also I may or may not have baked 3 pumpkin pies and a batch of Turkey Soup.   Whatever.  There's still plenty of summer left- I'm sure I'll get over it.

So naturally, I've also been daydreaming about fall shopping...which is also my favourite season to hit up the stores.  That may be also because I have two awesome trips planned for the fall; the yearly girls' trip to Edmonton and then a fall getaway with the mother and sister to our favourite place, NYC.  I may have also just started salivating over the thought of a pumpkin spice latte....
At this point in my post, I should state that I'm pretty sure my husband has quit reading and is plotting ways to freeze my credit cards.
But I should also share that shopping has changed for me.  I no longer have to go in to work and look smashing for my students and colleagues- which means the makeup of my wardrobe has changed too.  I'm pretty sure 100% certain that husband will tell you I need nothing.  And I agree.  I'm even tempted to sell off my entire wardrobe, go ahead, make me an offer, I dare you.
So, instead of expanding my fall wardrobe needs, I will likely spend my time in Edmonton, bossing my friends around and picking out outfits for them to get- which is just as much fun.
So why not start today- let's look at my favourite store, Simons and see what I'd pick out for the fall:

1- A satiny baseball sweatshirt? Was this made just for me???
2- I have a serious love for Simon's knit blazers.  So comfy.  I would buy one in every colour....Sara and I have the exact same black blazer just like this from 3 years ago. I'd make Candace buy one for work.
3- This would be a perfect trendy piece for the fall/winter.  The cardi is nice and flowy and also comes in 3 different colours.  I'd buy it for my sister.
4- I think this light top would be awesome underneath a blazer or denim jacket. It reminds me of the pretty florally top my BFF wore in the Style Me Challenge that I can't get out of my mind.
5- Another comfy blazer, but this one is more of relaxed, boyfriend style.  Alynne could rock this at Cameco.
6- Cozy flannel jacket makes me want to go for long walks outside and look at the autumny leaves.  I think I would be inclined to get the greyish version of the jacket.  I'd get my bro's gf, Jen this so she could match his lumberjackish style.
7- I have a black/tartan blazer version of this from H&M in the same shade, but I think I like this one better. It makes me want to go back to Scotland.  I think my mom could pull this off.
8- Faux leather bomber jackets are everywhere this fall.  I like the colour of this one and the pattern on the inside.  Christy could pull this off.
9- This jacket is calling my name.  Plus it's on many jackets does one need??
10- I love the detail on the back of this shirt, plus the colours it comes in, also I can see myself wearing it with my black leather pencil skirt.
11- Sweaters and more sweaters for the fall!  This one makes me happy. Ha.  I'd get it for Jordan.

And then I looked even further into the Simon's site and found some items I would be wanting for the fall if I were going back to work.  Love the leather and sportswear inspired attire!!!!

1. Super cute mixed media dress.  I'm thinking this with some red shoes for a Christmas party
2. I'm not sure I could pull this off, but I love the idea of this tank.  I would love to see my friend, Jana rock this one with a pair of her coloured jeans.
3.  I need this.  Carmen- you need this- weren't we just talking about the Nordstrom version?
4.  Again- you had me at the baseball sleeves.  I would wear this dress with a sporty bomber for the fall and sneakers!
5.  I love the shape of this skirt.  I would pair it with my happy sweater from above..oh! or the baseball sweater....or the floral shirt.
6.  My faux leather Michael Kors skirt from last year is one of my favourite pieces, so I would want to get this full faux leather skirt  and then I'd wear it with the flowy green top from the last image.
7.  This makes me smile and I'd make Christy try it on.   I would almost be tempted to pair it with the leather pencil skirt...

That was fun.  Also? Whilst making my list I decided that someone should buy me a Simon's department store so I can open it in Saskatoon, set it up, run it and then employ myself as a personal shopper.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I've totally been thinking about fall fashion and am so ready to start shopping!! YAY!!!
    Love some of your picks too... might be referring back when shopping time comes!

    1. If our Jays make the playoffs, then you can bet I will be in Tdot. Wanna do some fall shopping together??!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hearts.... Love 'em! Great choices.

  3. I might have bought a bunch of Fall stuff on the NSale...can't wait to start wearing them!

    1. Do you even get a Fall in the beautiful summery world you live in??

  4. Funny! In the top collage, before I read your commentary, my top pics were the two blazers and #11. I guess I need to buy it! Also really like the sweater you picked for Christy in the 2nd collage and think it would totally rock with the pencil skirt. Too bad I FREEZE in the winter in my classroom and cannot wear cute skirts because of it. Maybe I need some leather pants to wear with it instead?!? Ha!

    1. Faux leather legging, YES YES YES. Your legs are so ripped, they would look awesome in them and then add an oversized sweater for your chilly classroom...I can see it already. I'll make you an outfit just like it for next week's post.

  5. you sure have an eye for style! good pick you chose for me - did you know i still have my favourite navy/green plaid pleated skirt hanging in my closet? probably will never fit into it again but i still love it!

    1. I know what I'm adding to your New York list then, Mom :)

  6. I love all these picks - wish we had a Simon's here! I love fall too, but I'm not quite over summer yet :)

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