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One thing I never saw as an end result of this blogging thing was the community of bloggers.  I always was just writing for my family and to record memories, but that has now changed too.  Kinda. But not really.
My new favourite part of blogging is how the world seems to be so much smaller and lovelier when there are people you can connect with who have similar interests. 

So let's do a share today.  In the comment section, post a blog you enjoy reading, a new blogger you found, or anything to share the love of this small blog world.

I'm going to share with you two blogs that I love.
One is a new find, from what I gather, she's originally from Toronto? somewhere in Ontario? and married a pro ball player who played with the Jays.  I love her fashion and her writing style and I'm pretty sure we'd be friends in real life, if that doesn't sound stalkerish.
Here's her blog.
The second blog that I'm going to recommend is by one of my besties and former roommate.  She is back after a year break and posted a beautiful blog last night in memory of her mom who passed away a year ago in August.  Check her out here and give her some love for that brave post.

Like I said on Monday, I may see myself as an introvert, but maybe perhaps I'm kinda a bit of an extrovert when behind my computer, blogging?  Is that even do-able.

Have a lovely Thursday.

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    I started reading this blog over 5 years ago and it was one of the first blogs I followed where I didn't know the blogger. She is a mom of a young family and lives in The south. In some ways we are the same and in others we are different. I love her wit and humor and most of all her honesty.


Have a lovely day!

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