What I Wore Wednesday.


White on white with some hints of colour.  I was talking to Christy on my headphones, at work, on my prep, when I snapped this picture.  I had to prove to her that I did it.
 I actually tried making this a Window Shopping Wednesday post, but much to my husband's delight, I couldn't think of anything I had been perusing over the course of the past week or so.  Nothing.  Nada.  Except mouse traps.  And pools.
But that's another story.

So instead I'll opt for another version of a Wednesday post that you should be used to; the What I Wore Wednesday or WIWW.  Which I only figured out last week what that meant.  Oy.  Kinda like OTD.   Took me awhile for that one too. It was only when some students commented on my shoes and my outfit of the day, that it dawned on me.....

So, this is what I've been sporting:

Wait.  This wasn't me. This was Glinda, the good witch, preparing for the big party this weekend...

When Kyla and I go mall walking, we often snap pictures of our faves so we can remember to look them up online and find them onsale.  This beauty (which we could picture with leggings) was Free People at the Bay.  Found here.

Bangles and teal flats.  From my Window Shopping post last week.  Side note- they are insanely comfortable.

Showing off my gold bib for the girls.  The Summer Challenge calls for the ladder necklace (Stella Dot- Kimberly) or something like it.  So I went with something a bit different and cheaper from BaubleBar.

Showing off to Christy, while chatting again, that this was as close to Gingham as I'd get.  For the record, I do normally work during my prep. Except on Tuesday mornings, when I try to squeeze in a 20 minute conversation with her.
maxi dress, yay!

Showing Carmen my hat find for the Summer Challenge.  I despise fedoras with a passion, so this is what will replace it.
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Such a great idea to snap a picture of what you like so you can remember to go find it on sale! Genius! Love all your shoes, I think you need to snap a picture of your shoe collection :)

  2. I love reading your posts! Glinda the good witch was especially adorable! Great idea to snap pictures of things you like to look up later. I love everything you wore!

  3. My only issue and advice is to tighten the keys if they hang off the back of the shoe. I loved those little keys on mine and lost one the first time I wore them.


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