Week two of being virtually dressed


I have way more outfits and fun pictures to report back with today, so let's not waste any time.  If you're just tuning in, I'm participating in Alison's 21 day Summer Style Me Challenge and have been sitting back, enjoying being told what to do.
Here's what I wore:  (I feel like I took a lot of liberties with these this week as many of her outfits called for shorts and well we've had rain non stop.   I'm pretty sure Noah's Ark is being built nearby.

Alison asked for :  khaki shorts, printed top, metallic sandals & long necklace.
I did:

grey bermudas |DKNY @ Costco.  Similar|
 long paisley top | soyaconcept @ White Dahlia|
 metallic cap top flats |Expression @ The Bay- old.  Similar|
long necklace |@H&M-gift.  Also like!|
I also subbed in a rain jacket bomber |Soia&Kyo|

I don't do khakis....yet.  I haven't been able to find a colour that doesn't make me look like I'm naked. Maybe I need some sun instead....

Alison asked for: printed shorts, bright tank top, long necklace, fedora (AHHHHH), wedges.
I did:
 printed pants |@Reitmans, old.  Similar. Similar. I like!|
bright tank |Joe Fresh @ Superstore|
 cap toe flats |Sam Edelman @ Town Shoes- old.  Similar.  OOHH|
 white denim jacket |Free People @ The Bay. On sale.  Similar
 I kinda did the fedora..but not out in public |The Bay-men's department|

Here's my beef about the fedora- I have a big head, therefore I had to find my in the men's department.  I think I have been trained to not like them because they look ridiculous when they don't fit properly and the only people who can pull that look off are RCMP. Just saying.
Anyway, back to my outfit and fun with a hat.

Lucy and I going through outfit options for the day

The only way I like a fedora

Alison asked for: denim shorts, print top, statement earrings, fedora and gladiator sandals.
I did:
bohemian dress |Chaudry @Winners.  Similar|
 denim jacket |Mavi @ Simons| 
nude flats |Sam Edelman @ The Bay| 
 I loved this outfit!!!

Alison asked for a bright T, khaki shorts, long necklace and wedges.
I did the complete opposite and reversed the colours:
Khaki coloured top |  @ Nordstrom Rack|
 bright green capris |Joe Fresh @ Superstore, old.  Similar|
 Sanibel Necklace |Stella Dot|  

I didn't actually leave the house on Saturday, but I did feel put together.
at least my fedora is getting some love from her!

Alison listed maxi skirt, bright tank, long necklace, metallic sandals.  I wasn't feeling well all day, but did put together an outfit for church.
Palazzo pants |Beyond the Rack, old- similar |
 blue tank |Twik @ Simons|
 black blazer |Twik @ Simons, similar|

 Monday (my last day with students, therefore my last day with no jeans)
Alison said denim shorts, white T, bright cardi and sneakers.
I did :
navy trouser pants |Loft|
 white tank |Joe Fresh @ Superstore, similar|
 bright cardi |Twik @ Simons, similar
leopard print shoes |Dolce Vita @ The Bay, similar|

Alison requested khakis, a print top, statement earrings and a printed top.
I was at home for sick kids, but did put an outfit together, wore it outside (with rubber boots instead of wedges) and felt good for a whole 30 minutes.
Tribal top |DKNY @ The Bay|
Long white tank |Mossimo @ Target|
Grey Cargo Shorts |DKNY @ Costco|
Black wedges |Nine West, similar|
also would have loved this as a mix up for this look.

Make sure you see what these lovely ladies have been wearing!


  1. My fave outfit is the palazzo pants one. I am dying to wear mine! They just look great in you! Followed second by the printed pants and the yellow top. I love the shoes you paired that outfit with. Great outfits!

  2. Loving those blue printed pants and your choppy bangs, they look GREAT on you! We have very similiar green sweaters, mine is so comfy!

  3. I LOVE how you interpret the outfits and make them yours, and you always look so pretty! I love everything on you. Your kiddos are so cute!

  4. I love the yellow outfit (yellow is my new obsession). I also really like the last one. I still don't feel entirely comfortable in wedges, but you can definitely pull them off (but what can't you pull off!).

  5. okay, how the heck did I miss that yellow shirt until now???? seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! you are stylin' as always.

  6. So much to love in this post! You seriously have the best shoes!!

  7. Love it all!! Love it ALL!! Those printed pants and the yellow?? Fabulous!!

  8. You really do have great style!! You also pay attention to the little details that make every outfit your own personal look - love that so much! You also have pieces in your wardrobe....your possibilities are endless even with remixing what you posted here. p.s. I secretly want to come to Canada and check out your closet! :)


Have a lovely day!

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