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Linking up today with Shay, Mel and Shaeffer today for my monthly Pinspired outfti.

I decided that as a Pinterest look this month, I'd try the boho vibe.  I had stumbled upon this fantastic dress at Winners (and didn't buy it) (then quickly regretted it).  I had told Kyla about it and when she went to check it out, she picked the greeny one for herself and then I asked begged her to grab the bluey one pour moi.  That was my first real boho piece, aside from my boho maxi skirt from the Gap and a flowy boho top from Free People.

So the dress rocks and I love it...however, I only feel comfortable wearing it with a denim jacket.  Not sure why....maybe because I'm not really boho at heart?

My next boho pinspired look was the kimono.  I first saw it on Katie and then "stumbled" upon one as I was "window shopping" at White Dahlia in Saskatoon.  MUAHHAHAHAHA

inspiration numero 1

inspiration deux, which I didn't recreate but liked because I have this exact same kimono..but  its more wintery/fall-y so I'll use it later in the season....or on a chilly Saskatchewan night. 

My kimono makings.....

et voilĂ , I'm full boho.


  1. Love that dress! So jealous no hemming was involved in wearing that dress :)

  2. You totally rock the boho look. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS (yes, I'm yelling, sorry). :)


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