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6 am wakeup calls aren't that bad when this is what the sunlight looks like.  So colourful and bright that early- I wish my body would let me get up that early on purpose all the time.
I figured I should probably capture what a day in my life looks right now before everything changes.  As I shift out of the classroom teacher role and more into a virtual teacher/stay at home mom role, I do want to remember every single ounce of the crazy that goes in to my day.  Because being a teacher is crazy.  It's a demanding and stressful job and at the end of the day I'm either exhausted because my grade 9s drove me crazy or I'm invigorated because my grade 9s drove me crazy.  Yup.  It's nuts.  So here is what a typical day looks like for me.

I purposely get up early so I can enjoy getting ready before the kids are up- which isn't always the case.  I have a morning vitamin shake and if I get done early, I have some time for prayer/reflection.

Kids are up and wanting breakfast, sometimes cheery, sometimes not so much.  Typically it's porridge or peanut butter/honey

For me, it's a smoothie that I assemble the night before

Bags are packed and all ready to go- my smoothie turned green because of the spinach in case you were wondering.

Happy kids make a happy mom.

After I drop off the kids at either daycare/bus or daycare and school for Will, I head to my quiet classroom where I enjoy my prep.  I usually get photocopies done for the day and enter any marks that need entering.

Christy was wondering what I was wearing, so I'll often send her pictures.

This particular day was a Thursday so I order lunch for the lunch gang because it's early dismissal day (teacher professional development).  We also order from skipthedishes.ca because I love my brotherinlaws.

Kids have now come and gone for 2nd and 3rd and they have left me with a  pile of corrections. Fun.

Our PD for the afternoon was Yoga!!!! There's bendy, bendy Professor McGonigal.

After school I do the rounds and pick up the kids, this time I had an extra two to bring home as I was watching my adorable nieces.
Evening activities are either me or Will with a ball game.  Thursday was his turn.
When we get home we slow down with more ball. Now if only the Jays would start winning again...

My ideal slow down is usually something blog related and wine. Yummy red wine.

I then plan out my next day, pack lunches, prep coffee, prep smoothie

and make sure my outfit is all ready to go for the next day!

Skin care routine is tres important...gotta love the Clarisonic paired with some of my favourite products.

and finalement it's bedtime.  I usually read/watch the sun go down or watch an episode of Suits with my man.

And there you go!  A day in Deena's life.  Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. That was so fun! I love getting to know you better. I would be up with the sun too if I had that view to wake up to! I'm so impressed with how organized you are. Teaching is such an important job, and we do not give our teachers enough credit (or pay) - so thank you for all you do! Have a great weekend!


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