Window Shopping Wednesday


I'm back to my Wednesday shenanigans, doing some window shopping and linking up with my Wednesday pals for a little shopping inspiration.  You can read my past posts here. here, here, here and here
Here are my 2 coveted pairs of shoes this week that I've been drooling over:

1. This wedge sandal.  I need this.

2.  Bright and beautiful flats.  Ever since Jordan showed off her teal shoes, I have found myself searching for the perfect pair.  These Vince Camutos are my faves:

3. Lastly, does anyone love people watching as much as I do?  I could just sit in a mall and check out outfits.  I love seeing what people put together.  One observation though.....just something that has been bugging me:
Leggings are not pants.  All lady parts should be covered, regardless your size.  I would almost even say regardless your age....That is all.

Have a fabulous Wednesday~!


  1. You made me laugh about the leggings - couldn't agree more! I can't believe I forgot to put the "style me" button on my post - it's there now! Yes, I have a fashion degree and worked for many years as a buyer - which is why it's especially sad that my wardrobe is such a mess now. By the way, LOVE your shoe choices. The wedges are so summery.

  2. Oh, now I want a pair of teal shoes! Must have...thanks Jordan! haha.

  3. love those wedges!
    lol with the leggings... ESPECIALLY when the leggings are see-through!!


Have a lovely day!

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