The Spring Style Me Challenge: The finale


And just like that a challenge is over.
For only 10$, I received a shopping list (I had most except the white jeans and button ups)
Following that, for 21 days, Alison sent out evening emails that contained our next day's outfits.  It was like Christmas Eve every. single. day.  What would we wear? How could I personalize it?  Why does it snow or rain EVERY TIME she puts sandals???
There is also a private/secret Facebook group for all 500ish members who would post their outfits, ask for suggestions, be enablers with sale warnings, but mostly offer encouragement and kind words.  500 strangers, for the most part at the beginning, within a week became 500ish friends.  It is a safe place.  A positive place. There were people whose posts I looked forward to each day to see how they wore their outfit....Denise, Abbie, Vanessa, Shaunacey, Jordan, Katie, Lauren, Sarah, name a few.  It's crazy how you can feel a personale connection to people you haven't really met. My blogroll has doubled since this has started with new blog friends.  It's been an uplifting experience and I will definitely be signing up for Alison's summer challenge.  I would hope you would too.

I did this challenge because I like change.  I like to be pushed and it's always nice to have a fresh perspective.  Alison has practice, has the knowledge base and I've seen been reading her work.  I trust her and knew she wouldn't throw anything ridiculous our way.

Here are 5 things I learned during the challenge (and they may not all be fashion related) :

1- Everyone needs a good friend they can text outfit pictures to for advice.  I spent all afternoon Monday dressing for the SilverSpoon Gala with Kyla on the phone. It was like she was there with me.  More on the gala Friday.  She helped me pick a great outfit!

2- Words have so much power and can change a day.  It makes me happy inside when someone says something nice about my outfit/hair/teaching or comments on my blog. So why aren't I doing that more? Everybody needs kindness in their lives and I'm making a conscious decision to compliment people more (in a sincere way though...I'm not fake complimenting people for the sake of a compliment)  This also ties in to Jann Arden's message from the Gala. Again. More on that Friday.

3-I need to feel healthy to feel good in my clothes.  Working out is key for me.  If I'm not working out, it's a downhill spiral and magically, nothing fits or looks good.  Everything is better with exercise. And wine.

4- You get what you pay for.  I don't mind buying the trendier pieces that I know will only last a season from somewhere cheap.  The staples way.  You want something that fits well and lasts, then you need to be willing to invest.

5- Doing what you love and what you're passionate about.  I have really been enjoying blogging, thinking about outfits and networking as of late.  Sometimes I find it's what I spend most of my time thinking about....Once upon a time I was like that for teaching.  I need a change.  I randomly asked on FB what career people would give me and the majority of people said personal shopper/stylist.  While I don't feel there's a market here for personal shoppers...I do know that my world is moving me somewhere more creative, and if I keep following the path that's being put out before me, it'll open doors to an exciting new career where my imagination can flourish!  I have some time to think while I transition out of teaching and that will be good. 

I am grateful for the new friendships I have made during this challenge and hope to see the same happy faces and then some during the next!

Here's my final recap of this week's outfits.

Wednesday: Alison called for a denim shirt, striped Tee, White pants, Nude flats.
I am annoyed with my denim shirt, so I sported a cobalt blazer with the ensemble instead.  I also threw on some flourescent yellow flats because I was in that kind of mood.

We had Book Club later that evening with these ladies, can you tell they're doing the challenge too??  We reviewed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and mostly chatted about our newfound love of stripes and leopard print.

Thursday: Alison pushed us with a white tee, statement necklace, white jeans, metallic sandals. WHITE ON WHITE. AHHHH
Sadly, I couldn't handle wearing my white jeans two days in a row, so I went as light as possible with my floral jeans (old H&M), white lace top and dusty light pink Gap jacket (old).  Oh, and my PTMT wedges.

Friday: Alison requested a white tee, a bright cardigan, Boyfriend Jeans, Metallic Sandals, Floral Scarf.  It still isn't sandals weather here and I wanted to play with colour blocking, so I put this together.  I love me some Britney. Don't judge.
Saturday: Alison called for a button up and white jeans.
I tried this, took the pictures then had a wardrobe malfunction (spillage) and didn't end up wearing it out of the house....oops.

Our last day!  Sunday: Maxi, Colourful Tank, Floral scarf and metallic sandals.
I wore this on Monday instead as I was home all day Sunday sanding and painting my nightstand, then playing fastball in the flipping cold weather.  It was nice to have a comfy outfit lined up for work.

Check out what my new bloggie friends have been wearing!
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Lana @ Two Teens and Their Mama

They have been a great group to go back and forth with and I've learned a lot from them.  We like each other so much that some of us have even decided to continue the relationship and keep a linkup going on Wednesdays.  Because we are such a variety of bloggers, our subject is much broader, so feel free to join us on Wednesdays as we link up to show how we're being inspired in our everyday life!

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  1. I loved reading about your style challenge and plan to join in the summer! I am also about to order my first pair of white jeans! Yikes!

  2. wahoo I got a mention ;) I ALWAYS look forward to your outfits too and you didn't disappoint this last week! You always look so stylish.
    I totally agree with everything you said AND I'm so looking forward to our continued linkups! YAY new friends! (I need to cool it on the exclamation points but I'm always so excited lol)

  3. You summarized this challenge so perfectly. My favorite outfit of yours (by far) is the Britany tee one. I love it! I do also love the one you spilled on and didn't leave the house in!

  4. What great outfits this week! I love that you are not afraid to mix things up - you look fabulous in every outfit. I have a great graphic tee and just last night I was thinking of how to style it. Pre challenge I'd just wear it with jeans but that's just not enough any more! Thanks for the Britney inspiration. Love it!

  5. Deena- I'm so glad I met you and found your blog through this challenge! As usual, you look great in all your outfits. I love the floral pants. You always do such a good job putting things together.

  6. LOL on wardrobe malfunction! You are so funny. I'm so excited to go with you on your journey to a new and more exciting career Deena! Glad that we found each other and I still want your closet!

  7. You look so fabulous in all of your outfits! You certainly have a great eye for putting together outfits and adding your own touch! I loved seeing what you would add to make each outfit your own. I could definitely see you being very successful as a shopper/stylist! I'm counting down the days until the summer challenge starts! (Couldn't believe I was mentioned in your blog!! Made my day!! Thanks!!)

  8. Guess What Deena????? Another thing we have in common!!! Our Love of Britney!! ha! Totally loved that outfit with the fabulous scarf AND your flower pants...I want them!! And can I just say, it is so, so great you had close friends to do the challenge with! Thanks for the mention too...totally made me smile!!


Have a lovely day!

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