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Today my post is inspired by one of my besties, Jordan. She was having issues accepting the beauty of coloured jeans into her wardrobe.  I think she felt that it looked too much like a winter outfit.  Which then prompted a request that I show the difference between a spring/summer outfit vs a fall/winter one.

That got me thinking.
For as long as I can remember I have always rotated out my seasonal clothing. Which basically meant packing up my winter clothes and putting them in the furnace room until spring.
But then we built.
 I thought my husband was joking when he told me I could have a huge closet.  Until it was finalized in the plans and there you have it, I now had a real closet.  A closet where I could keep all my clothes out and rotate in much easier.  We went with 12 ft ceilings in the closet like the rest of the upstairs, so now my seasonal storage is really, really high. I need one of those tall grabby pole thingies that they have in the stores. For now I use a latter.

Anyway, back to my post.
I decided that this Wednesday's post would be inspired by what Jordan suggested, so I took two pieces  that I wear all year round, and I'll show you how I wear it in the changing seasons: Black skinnies and Teal skinnies.  (my lighter colour skinnies only get rotated in when spring has sprung)


and there you have it, my fashion inspiration for the week.  Thanks, Jordan~!
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  1. SUCH a great post!!! I too sanction some clothes to strictly one season but I need to get better at just re-purposing things! Maybe this will help

  2. As I recall events, YOU told ME that you'd be getting that closet...

  3. OH I love this! We all should have done this post! :) Maybe for next week we can come up with a theme and we all do our take on it...that would be fun! Jordan what's next week's topic? hehe. I love your closet so much, can I just move in? So cool that you have high ceilings, I don't really have a winter and spring wardrobe, which is probably good, since I would probably have way more clothes if I lived somewhere that had actual seasons!

    1. Great just to name a common topic!!!

  4. Great idea Deena. I put my winter clothes away too, but there are definitely some pieces that I could use all year. I always love your accessories. Add me to the list of those with closet envy! Have a great day.

  5. Love it, it's great to have versatile pieces! Love the scarf!


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