Style Me Challenge: Window Shopping Edition


oversized denim on denim.

I like to think that I have my brain wrapped around my own personal style.  I know what I like.  I know what fits my body and I like to be well dressed: it makes me more confidant and happy.
I haven't always been that way.  Here's proof:

What is with the socks??? Also? Kyla is going to kiiiiillllll me for putting this picture on. 

Not too sure what look I was going for here with a sweater vest....

I would just like to point out that I was wearing overalls here....

Apparently we shared them?
Typical Deena in a sports shirt
Comfy Tee (Britney) again...
Yup, I was one for comfort and not necessarily style.

I think that I've changed and somehow I have even morphed into the one that my friends text when they need an opinion.  Actually, bossing people around in the mall is one of my favourite things to do.
But now it's time to be bossed around.
I signed up for the Style Me Challenge by a blogger, Alison @ Get Your Pretty On.  She has given us a shopping list and 10 days to fill in the blanks.  PS..she extended the registration, so if you want on board, you can still do this with us!
Most of the items I had in my closet already, but there were a few items that I would never had considered had it not been for this challenge.  Then for three weeks,  she'll give us an outfit a day. She is our personal shopper/virtual stylist.  So much fun!

I spent the last week or so window shopping for the items that I didn't have:

1-White jeans.  These scare me.  But once I started looking and trying on, I got less fearful and now I'm actually looking forward to wearing them and am even making white jeans my pinspired look for the month.   I ended up finding 4 different places and then settled on the cheapest pair (13$) at Costco.
There were the finds at Target, the Gap and Old Navy.  I actually ordered the jeans from the Gap but will return them since I found the skinnies at Costco.  Too see all the jeans I liked, check out my Spring Style board on Pinterest- I pinned them there.

2- Button ups in pastels.  I tend to shy away from these because I find they always gape at the boob.  Also, I never buy in pastels- I'm a bright colours type of gal.  So that was a stretch.  I ended up getting 2 pastel button ups from the Gap and ordered a size larger so they wouldn't gape and would be roomier.  They were on sale also- 15$ each.

So I managed to pick up a three pieces for under 50$, which makes me happy because I don't normally spend a lot on things that are either trendy or something I don't think I'll wear often.

As for the other pieces, you'll have to see what I came up with.  Jordan and I and a few other bloggers will be linking up during the challenge so you can see what outfits we put together.

Here's a picture of my motherload according to the list she gave us:


  1. Love this post! But don't you ever wonder what we are going to think about our current outfits in 10 years? I worry I am going to think my current self is crazy. Ha!

  2. I'm scared of white jeans too and haven't found a pair but will have to check out Costco!
    Can't wait to link up (though I'll have to figure out how)

  3. I'm in! Also, those sweater vests were all the rage. I had 3 or 4 of them that I would pair with a jean skirt. So cool.


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