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I'm honoured to have my BFF since the first day of kindergarten, Christy, guest blogging today about her spring wardrobe.  Thanks, Chrrr

I'm just going to put it out there, spring and summer are not my favourite seasons to dress for.     I love the boots, scarfs and layers that the fall and winter seasons bring, while disliking the snow and cold.  So while trying to dress for spring I like to keep some of the basics that I use during the fall but just brighten it up a bit.

This year, it has been hard to get excited for spring clothes and warmer weather as Mother Nature has been a bit mean to us this year.  With that being said, it appears that spring may have sprung, so let me show you some of the things I will be dragging out of storage!

Denim Jacket

This is by far my favorite and most worn item in the spring.  I purchased this mavi jacket over 2 years ago after not owning once since I was like 13 and I haven't looked back.  During the spring I wear it with a scarf because you never ever button up a jean jacket!

You also never wear it with denim. I know, I know, that is supposed to be in, but I just can't do it.  Denim and denim only mix if you are a real cowboy (not just a pretend cowboy during stampede, Ha!).  There, I said it.

My other favorite way to wear a denim jacket is over a dress.  You can take the fanciest of dresses and throw a jean jacket over it to bring it down a few notches.  I wear a dress and cardigan to work during the week and that same dress and denim jacket on the weekend for a completely different look.

You will see my denim jacket all through this post because I seriously wear it that much.  You need one.  I promise you won't regret it.

Denim Skirt

While we are on the topic of denim.... lets talk skirts.  I am a skirt loving girl but always feel to dressed up when I wear one on the weekend for with the kids.  I love the denim option because I can just throw it in the wash after sitting on a dirty bench at the park or after the kids drip ice cream on it.  It is a great transition piece for spring to summer as well.  You can wear it with leggings and a scarf in the spring and a tee or tank in the summer.

I actually ordered this on a whim last summer.  I had two items in my cart and needed one more for free shipping so I added the skirt.  I kept the skirt and returned the other 2 items ironically enough.

Maxi Dress

One of the items I returned in that Gap order was a maxi dress.  I have searched high and low for a maxi dress that fit right.  I am short, 5'2 5'1-3/4 to be exact, so finding a maxi dress that fit was a challenge.  They are either too long in length or too long in the torso so they hang too low in the chest.   And I refuse to pay the $20+ to have it altered. Then I found this one.

Shhhhh don't tell anyone, I found it in the kids department. 

There I was shopping at Superstore and I saw this cute little maxi dress, I walked over and discovered it was kids.  I held up the XL and stretched it at the waist and figured it was worth a try for $16.  Wouldn't you know it, it fit perfectly!

Does anyone else have a rule that if you can buy something at Superstore it is a necessity because it is a grocery store after all?  Just me?

Colorful Shoes

Since returning to work after Cooper was born I have become a shoe person.  I went from having 1 black pair and 1 brown shoe to having seasonal shoes.  Meaning shoes that get retired for the winter because they only work in the summer and vice versa.  Let me show you a few.

I love me some spring shoes!

Ballet Flats/Toms

While we are on the topic of shoes.... I bought my first pair of Toms last summer and they have quickly become my go to shoes in the spring and fall for being outside with the kids.  While I recommend them for adults, I do not recommend them for kids, or my boys in particular.

As I start wearing capris and shorts more, I need a shoe that I can wear without a socks.  Lets face it, unless you are wearing boots, socks and capris/shorts don't mix!  Toms are great for that function and are super comfy.

To add a little cuteness, I also have a wide assortment of colored ballet flats to wear shopping, to work, for school drop off... really anywhere.  I am currently in the market for a nude and leopard print flat to add to my growing collection.
Spring Scarves

What makes a scarf a 'spring scarf' you may be asking yourself?  To me it is color and material.  The color should be light or floral and the material should be thin and not bulky.  To be honest I only have 3 that I would qualify as spring scarfs.

I should really get more. They are great for keeping warm in the spring where you don't want to wear a big sweater. 


For me, I really like adding that splash of color as the season changes and the sun comes out.  I shy away from dark accessories and go for the neon cardigan or the mint belt.  I wear some of the same dresses year round but jazz it up for the summer.

Whether it be neon yellow, mint, or pink... It could literally be the same outfit with a brighter pair of shoes that screams spring and you just feel, well, happier.

To sum it up

Add some color with your shoes, your scarf, your necklace, your earrings, grab some fun dresses and throw on  jean jacket, get some fun flats that jazz up any outfit and walk out that door feeling like spring has arrived.  Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. I can't bring myself to do a jean jacket with denim either. I know it looks good on some people but I just feel wrong.
    Love all the spring colours!

  2. Great Post Chr!

  3. I can do denim on denim depending on the shade of denim. I like to wear my dark denim skinnies with my light denim shirt, tied, with a bright or patterned top underneath. Maybe add a nice scarf as well.

  4. Pearl statement necklace, scarf, white pants... LOVE! You look wonderful in all of it!


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