Spring Style Me Challenge. Week One.


Lots of spring looks for you this week! 
I love that my BFF was so willing to share her style with us, and I also love that she used to be scared of leggings and anything out of the ordinary and now she's killing it!
As for me, I'm venturing out of the ordinary as well into the first week of the Spring Style Me Challenge. Every Wednesday for the next 3 weeks I'll be posting my outfits that our virtual stylist, Alison, has coordinated for us.  You can check out the links below also to see what my new blogging friends have been up to in their closets also.  It has been great meeting new people and sharing our ideas.  I love that the group listed below falls all across North America, all blog about something different and yet have been united in the fight for fashion. Go team!

So here you go- my first three outfits from the challenge:

Day one was denim jacket, light button up, white jeans and leopard print flats.  I had planned my outfit the night before.....ended up wearing the bottom right with purple accents.  I loved this outfit and managed to come home with clean pants...wearing white was terrifying!

Day 2 was skinnies, bright cardi, light button up, statement necklace and nude flats.  This was a natural outfit for me and I feel it was right on for my style.  I wore black skinnies instead of jeans and a white button up instead of the light blue I had originally picked out.  I loved the gold accents with this outfit.  Also...I cut my hair shorter. Again.  Went in for a bang trim, came out with a blunt bob.  I'm crazy that way.

Day 3 is today and hopefully this is what I'm wearing.  I planned this all out last night and snapped a pic- I do change my mind often though.  Neutral cardi, bright tank, boyfriends (I'm subbing in some trouser pants for work) statement necklace and neutral wedges (because of the return of winter, I'm subbing in neutral pumps)

Now on to the fun part!  I'm teaming up with some other talented ladies who will be showcasing their outfits for the challenge also.  Take a look at their blogs below to see what they're up to....you may recognize someone...

Deena @ Shoes to Shiraz

Jordan @ Just Jordan

Shaunacey @ Confessions of a Frumpy Mummy

 Katie @ The Mishaps and Mayhem of Solitary Life

 Beth @ Fast Life Slow Life

 Vanessa @ X-tremely V

 Anne-Michelle @ May We Be Allergy Free
 Teresa @ Two Babies and Me
 Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

Carrie @ A Lovely Little Wardrobe

 Carly @ Faith Family and Frugality

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. love all your outfits... and again, your closet. I may or may not envy it EVERY time I see a pic! hahahah

  2. oh my gosh Deena, Love your haircut and your closet :) Oh and the outfits too, love how your styling them for work.

  3. Great outfits! This is so much fun!

  4. I LOVE your hair! I really got a good look at it in our twins photo! We need to get out and do something as twins next week!

  5. You rock those white pants, girl! Still looking for some that look that good on me!!

  6. Great outfits! I LOVE those Leopard Wedges!!! And can I just say...YOUR CLOSET!! So jealous!!

  7. Add me to the list of those with closet envy! Loved your looks. The shoes are amazing, and you look great in that bright cardi. I'm doing the Style Challenge too - I'd love to link up with you ladies :)

  8. Great outfits! My favorite is day 3. And what is that in the background? A shoe closet? I have one too! :)

  9. Loving your outfits! Can't wait for the fall when I get a post pregnancy wardrobe with your help of course!! Screw work, let's shop! Lol


Have a lovely day!

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