April Pinspired in White


I can't begin to tell you how many picture texts a week come in from my friends asking: does this look okay? which shoes?  which outfit?
So I figured if I was doing it anyway for my friends, I might as well have some fun on here.  I've decided to combine my pinspired look this month and show you multiple ways to wear the look.  Maybe, just maybe, you can get some ideas and inspiration too!

This month (despite being dressed by the Style Me Challenge) I tried to focus on white jeans (which was included in our shopping list)
I was super fearful as I feel they show....more.  I'm not a model.  I'm not slim.  I do not look anything like the ladies on pinterest.
I have been gifted with strong legs and curves.  My body takes a long time to recover from baby weight gain. I know what I can wear and what I shouldn't.  I'm not going to try to be 20 and embrace the younger fads like crop tops and booty shorts. I've accepted my aging body as it is and  the fact that my wardrobe should mature with my age as well.
This month, I've decided to throw trepidation out the window and embrace what God has given me.  So here's to trying something new, to white jeans!!!!!!!! clinking of glasses, drinking of wine (and not spilling on pristine white jeans).



BONUS LOOKS: Here are a couple extra looks I played around with that I could easily have worn out if I wasn't doing this post last minute...oops.  What I've learned to love about white pants is that they can so easily be dressed up or down. It takes some getting used to, but I'm certainly glad I gave it a try!

If you managed to jump on the white pant bandwagon, please email me a picture or two so I can use them on the another outfit rant!

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