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Okay. I got a little more eye rolls and stares of bafflement on my last week's post on overalls.  Apparently not everyone gets my desire.  I will still try them.  Also? I live on an acreage, I feel it should be a part of my costume.  We have a tractor, after all.
So this week I decided to go a little more normal for what I would be buying to update my foot wardrobe for the spring: shoes.

Kyla and I took some sister time for a leisurely stroll, Starbucks in hand, of the mall on Saturday.  The thing that caught my eye the most were the colours of shoes out there.  Mostly I was drooling over some mid height colourful Hunter boots, but I also saw some great sales at the Bay.

If I were shopping at the Bay this week, I would definitely be drooling over the following:

1- Flowers are so pretty and can dress up a neutral outfit. Liberty Art for on sale for 47.99$
2- A neutral flat is essential for spring.  A neutral flat that is metallic...awesome! Lord & Taylor on sale for 32.18$
3- I love the colour and the ankle straps on these.  Vince Camuto for 130$

Now you know that the Bay isn't the only place I love to browse, my online love for Simons is eternal.  These are the shoes I'm loving right now:

1- Love converse, but I LOVE them even more in the form of ballet flats.    Converse 55$
2- Again converse but the colour is super springy.  Converse 60$
3- I love the colour of these Toms, but I can't say Toms are my fave shoe...Toms 65$
4- The colour of these Van espradilles make me happy.  Vans 55$

SO for me, colour is where it's at in my world for shoes.

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