The Spring cleaning of house, mind and soul.


I feel like I've had a rough week, but if you were to look back at the events on my agenda, you would tell me I was crazy.  How can birthday parties and supper dates be rough?  I think it was that constantly on the go feeling that really got to me.  While I do love the activity and the socializing, I really think that deep down, in the core of me, I'm a home body: I love being and doing at home.  By the end of the weekend I was completely wiped.  I almost feel like I should get this as my second tattoo....

I am glad that I can recognize when I'm feeling run down and jittery and I know that overbooking my life causes it.  That's a good thing.  That means that I can work to preventing it and creating better stress management strategies.  If you have been following my Lenten challenge, you'll see that I also failed in that department last week. It's all a cycle.   
I guess a spring cleaning can be good for the soul as well.......and that's not the only spring cleaning that was done this weekend.

Really, to me, today is the first day of spring.  Why? Because it is the first regular season game of MLB for our beloved Toronto Blue Jays.  So tonight, in celebration of the opening of ball season, we will dine on ballpark food and watch what we can catch of their afternoon game in Tampa Bay.

Also a sign that spring has sprung?  The rotation of springlike/Easter themed decor in our house.  This is the first spring in our house and I'm still trying to find the perfect style for us.  I have done some crafting this month and have the urge to do way once the actual spring clean is complete (I did manage to get the basement done this weekend) then I think I will happily settle into some crafting too.
We spent some of our time this weekend purging the basement.  Walls were washed, baseboards and trims dusted, bags of garbage and give aways were stowed, rooms were tidied....the list goes on.  Everyone in the family got in on the action this weekend, was a great team building exercise.

Here's a little taste of what a spring clean looks like in our humble abode.

If you know me well, you know that I move the furniture around in my house seasonally and then some.  I love change and I love the fact that when I change the fixings, things also get cleaned.  Next weekend I will finish spring cleaning the upstairs and will give you a peak at what our spring decor looks like.  For now, here's a sneak preview......

Happy Monday!

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