Wardrobe faves for the polarvortexish in all of us.


These are the five things that I would seriously miss in my wardrobe this polarvortexy season. And by polarvortexy season, I mean normal winter for us.

1- Padraig slippers. Kyla has had a pair for ages and I always try to thieve them when at her place.  So they were top on my Christmas list this year.  Thanks, Mom! I also loved that they make adorable kids' versions too and anything is cuter when miniature!

In Saskatoon: Trading Post or McNally's

2- Aritzia Sweater? Cardigan? Swardigan?

3- Free People leggings.  It feels like I'm wearing pajamas.  I tried to find them online at the Bay, but I they seem to be sold out.  Good thing you nabbed that pair, Ky.
At Bloomingdales

4-  Also? Leggings in general.  I wear them 4-5 times during the week
My current favourites are all from the HUE brand (available at the Bay) but also a pair from Aritzia,   I really like the Aritzia leggings because of how tight they are to the leg.  The Hue I like because of the higher waist.

5- Comfy Tshirt.  Which can be easily worn with a blazer, a cardigan or that beautiful Aritzia sweater.  Brother got me the picture of the T Shirt below, which is my go-to cozy and Harry Potter cool shirt.  It says Gryffindor Quidditch on it.  I now what this one next.  I think they are so comfy because the site uses American Apparel Ts.

I should really have put on my Aritzia sweater then I could have been sporting all 5 of my faves. Silly me.  I guess the replacement random big and tall wholly socks will have to do.

I'm actually quite looking forward to spring and the change in cool trends and outfits- but mostly for the nicer weather.....

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  1. I agree about those slippers. . . Boone has Calder's hand-me-downs and they are SO cute. He gets tons of compliments on them.

    p.s. Awesome job on the shirt, Rob.


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