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Oh, the shopping.  Put me in an outlet or a Nordstrom, Bloomy's or Macy's and I am happy (only because we don't have anything like that around here).   The sunshine was shining and warm, really the day couldn't have been more beautiful.  The outlets wasn't the only place I hit up (there were also Victoria Secret, Anthropologie and Christian Louboutin -for dreaming purposes- stops).  I must say though- I found some of the shopping frustrating: crowds, no sizes, bad stock...some things are easier to get online.  

Anyway....this is what I did get:

Favourite lazy tops from Victoria Secret- and they're the perfect length for leggings AND 2/40$...I picked up one for Candace as well.  I think on our last girl's trip we all came out with 2 of these each...I'm glad they have another style
Of course! They had a whole Britney store.  The last concert I went to two years ago I got a shirt and wore it out...I needed another one :)
Cross body Kate Spade bag....I could have bought everything in that pretty!
Pretty spring dress from the Loft
The "blardigan" You'd have to follow PinterestToldMeTo to understand the epicness of this wrap.  I brought 3 home for me, one for Sara and one for Candace...all matching :)
Tank, scarf and trousers from the Loft
The was buy a pair, get one 50% off at Nine West. Of course I needed 4. ... except the terdburglar cashier didn't put the 4th pair in the bag and I didn't realize it until I was packing the next day :(  So long pretty nude flats.

cute converse
and these...which I forgot to take a picture of and was too lazy to do later.
SO, good times! Mama is happy.

Have a great weekend and go out and do something good in remembrance of a beautiful little boy.

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