Warming Up in the Wintertime - Wardrobe Essentials


Winter is my favourite season. I love the frost on the trees, the sparkling snow, and the feel of the cold air on my skin.  All of my favourite sports were played during the winter growing up, and I think that may be one of the key reasons why I look forward to winter so much.  Also, because I love wearing sweaters, layering clothes and cozy leggings.  As I mentioned before, my fall/winter wardrobe is my favourite and look forward to putting on my sweaters,  scarfs and leggings as soon as the cold air hits and the leaves start to fall off the trees.

Here are my top 4 winter essentials:

1. Oversize sweaters with leggings.

I recently bought this sweater from Target.  It isn't my favourite but it still is nice and cozy.  I also like my patterned leggings and they are so comfortable. I could wear them around the house all day. I bought them a few years ago from Simons.
Sweater from Target, leggings from Simons

I am in love with this sweater and would wear it everyday if I could.  Whenever I go to the Winners in Prince Albert, I always come out of the store with a lovely find.  The leggings are from Simons again and they are dark grey with a pattern.

Sweater from Winners, leggings from Simons

2.  Cozy dress with leggings.

Another item purchased from the Prince Albert Winners just a few days before Christmas this year. The dress/top is a little thicker and very comfortable.  I also love the pattern on it. For the winter, it goes perfectly with a nice, long sweater.  I love my Wilfred sweater from Aritzia. The leggings are my favourite pair from Lululemon.

Dress from Winners, Leggings from Lululemon

Sweater from Aritzia

4. A fun t-shirt.

My brother bought this shirt for me (Thanks!!!).  Now all three of us have Harry Potter t-shirts.  If you have seen the movies, you know how it sounds, haha. This is the best website for some really fun shirts (www.redbubble.com).

Harry Potter shirt from RedBubble

4. Coats, boots, scarfs, oh my!

I have two winter coats and love them both.  The first one is my casual coat and the other is my dress-up coat.  As you can see, I also received the mukluks I wanted for Christmas! Thanks, mom and dad.  The blue scarf is made by Deena's friend Carmen (KoLi Designs). She has her own Facebook page and Etsy shop, if you want to check it out.
Scarf - Gift, Coat by Soia & Kyo (bought at Winners)

Scarf by KoLi Designs (Deena's friend Carmen makes scarfs and a lot of other wonderful things. You can find her on Facebook and she has her own Etsy shop), Coat by DKNY (bought at Simons), Mukluks from Manitobah Mukluks.

- Kyla

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