Cook Day 2


Oh wait, I didn't actually post about Cook Day 1.
 Le oops.
It happened in August, before I went back to work, when I had a kitchen full of garden fresh produce. Which was mostly tomatoes.
And so I just searched my summer photo library for something that showed the magnitude of the tomato experience that happened in the kitchen, because I was pretty sure I took a picture of it or of the freezer afterwards at least.  Only I couldn't find one, but found one instead of the home grown cantaloupes that Dan's parents also brought us.  Oh, wait.  I think that's a tomato too.  See!

The cantaloupes weren't that awesome.  But the tomatoes turned into 10 batches of home-made spaghetti sauce, 4 lasagnas and 4 batches of hamburger soup that lasted me until Christmas!
Wait- also?  In my picture search I came across a cartload of wine I had bought for something or other and really, it was also probably to help me with going back to work.  Teenagers do that to you. It didn't last until Christmas, I'm happy to report.

What was the point of this post?  OH yah....Cook Day 2.  See now, all I can think about is wine.  My good friend Alynne got me a bottle of chocolate wine for Christmas. It's fueling this post.  And it's OBVIOUSLY Saturday night as I type this and not Monday morning that I'm downing some wine au chocolat.  Although if it is technically Monday as you read this, then that means I'm back at work after a fantastically Christmassy 2 week  break...and maybe I do need some wine.....teenagers.  Yikes.
Shit.  What was I going to talk about?  Screw it.  This will do.
Happy Monday!


Have a lovely day!

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