Cook Day 2. #3 The one that really is about Cook Day 2. I hope.


Sooooooo.....I got a little distract not once, but twice while trying to explain to you the awesome that happened in our kitchen over the break...

Cook Day 2 took a good three nights and much coordination to complete...and by coordination I mean a trip to Costco to buy some bulk everything and then a call to Grandma Park to clarify which chicken dish was the one that I could still taste and therefore wanted to freeze.
And then when I had talked to Grams, I decided that my meal freezing adventures this round should be dedicated to my two lovely Grandmothers.  One of whom is no longer with us.  When I can recreate a dish she had perfected, you can bet she is there with me in the kitchen.

So my first adventure was chicken.  I bought bulk chicken thighs and only had to make the homemade BBQ sauce.  I made the two versions that appear in the cookbook my Grams made me of her favourites- which, by the way, was stellarist of gifts I have ever received.  Thanks, Grams.

Once the chicken, 4 times over, was happily cooking away, I put together some of my mom's awesome banana chocolate chip cookies- turned muffins.  These are currently sitting in the freezer and being randomly eaten by my children, but mostly the husband.  I also threw together some Saskatoon Berry Oatmeal muffins- not as popular with the kids.

Day 2 was an hommage to my Gramma Diehl.  Her home-made meatballs were the epitome of Christmas Eve supper and a taste I will remember for the rest of my life.  Luckily, I have multiple copies of her recipe on hand and made 4 batches.

While I had hamburger out, I decided to continue on with some of Gramma Diehl's recipes and made her hamburger soup which I LOVE!  Renee had put together a cookbook of family recipes for my wedding shower and it is something I have been going back to frequently when I want to find some great tastes.

The seriously smells so good when it brews all day on a cold winter's day!

Lastly, I made cookies.  First I made Gramma Diehl's Chocolate Chip cookies which taste best frozen (because that's how we'd steal them at her house) and therefore will stay in our freezer in a white huge margarine container (because that's how she stored them) so my kids can steal them.

I also made some gingerbread cookies, which were given to me by a most lovely student.  They are also frozen.  And finally, 2 loaves of pumpkin banana bread.

So...finally....CookDay 2 is complete and my freezer is stocked with meals that will be easily warmed up for the days that are ultra busy when the boycub is doing speed skating and piano.

Have a fantastically lovely winter not so cold weeekend

Also? Jordan emailed me this picture I must have sent her when I was trying to figure out what to do with all the tomatoes....

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