Summer read 9


Matched  by Ally Condie was my 9th book this summer.  This was a quick read, teenage sci-fi style.  It made me think of Divergent, the Giver and Unwind with it's own original ideas. It's the first book of the trilogy but I'm unsure if I'll read the others.  I didn't leave me curious or missing the characters when I'm done, however I did really like the idea of the book.  It was good, but not my favourite.  When I read Divergent, couldn't wait to get to the second and now that the 3rd is coming out in the fall, I will definitely be rereading the series. (Mostly because I've forgotten everything).  I guess that's the difference between a good book and an outstanding book for me.  The great ones, I want to reread.  The good ones leave me satisfied but not really longing for more.
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  1. EXACTLY how I felt about Matched! I read the second book and it was good as well.


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