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I love being 33. Maybe that's not saying much, since I remember loving being 12 . . .17. . . 19. . . 25. . . 28 - Actually I pretty much have loved every age I've been! But 33 is pretty darn good.

One of the best parts about 33, over any part of my 20s, is the stability in my life. My husband. My job. My permanent residence. I am so over having my eyes peeled for a potential mate and wondering where I should move to so that I could find a suitable job - that was so 24! I also like the confidence I am gaining in my 30s. I know way more about myself today than I ever have before. Twenty year old Jordan had no idea she was introverted, a writer, a runner or a banana. I watched this Rachel Ray where they talked about body shapes. Twenty year old Jordan thought she was the curvy pear - all bootilicious. Actually so did 32 year old Jordan. Turns out I am a banana! Wait, maybe I was a bootilicious 20 year old, but somewhere along the lines I lost my booty? Hmmm. . . Happy to be 33. . . Right?!

I am more health conscious now than I was in my 20s. I am in better cardiovascular shape and am more aware of what I am putting into my body. I want to run around after my kids until they have kids of their own and then I want to run around with their kids. I have become more aware in my 30s that this won't happen unless I put in the work.

I lost my son, Tripp, when I was 31. This event has made me a much more reflective person and drove me to make my 30's about becoming a better person. I know that self improvement can be a full time job, so I try to read, write and have discussions with friends and family to help myself become a more authentic me. I also realized not long after Tripp's death that one of my strongest beliefs is that connecting with other people is one of the most important things we were put on this earth to do. At 33 I do a much better job at remembering birthdays, celebrating births, and acknowledging deaths than I ever did in my 20s. I often shake my head when I think back to my 20s and realize how many connections I missed making with people because I thought I didn't know them well enough to reach out and acknowledge the event they were going through in their lives. This doesn't make me perfect. I will forever be a work in progress.

By far the best part of my 30s are my 3 boys. Calder is 4, Tripp would be 2, and Boone is 4.5 months. The love I feel for them is greater than anything I could have ever imagined. This is could be said by any mom I know. Sounds a bit cliche, but if the shoe fits.  

I love my life at 33. 

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