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The Dirty 30s….
 I actually was very glad to turn 30. I remember being so “done” with my 20s and all the uncertainty that being 20 something brought. I felt closer to becoming the person I was meant to be by turning 30. However, despite being an official adult for 12 years… I don’t think I really felt like a real adult until I had my first baby at 32. I now have 3 kiddos and I am slowly getting prepared to see my 30s from a rear view mirror so to speak… I just turned 38 and I have to say, the 30s have been fast and furious but so awesome.
 I got a great job teaching in Duck Lake, had 3 crazy, beautiful, boisterous boys, said sweet prayers to two souls I miscarried, bought a house, sold a house, built a house, supported my mom through her short but amazing bout with the big “C”, drank a few bottles of vino to make it all happen, shared a tonne of laughs and tears with my nearest and dearest, loved and cried with a dear friend as she so courageously has dealt with the loss of her second child, watched family members and friends find their way through this crazy life, had a knee surgery that has allowed me the freedom and strength to step on a treadmill for a portion of the day to “escape” back to the athlete that lives deeply imbedded in my soul… and in the end, I have to say that what I have learned in my 30s is to take a deep breath, forgive yourself, love your faults because lots of those said faults make you love, laugh and enjoy your life more than your strengths do at times.
I have learned that I am a people pleaser and that’s ok, I love my family (sometimes too much) but that’s okay and I treasure my friends. I am still a work in progress but I am working at figuring it all out…often with a nice red :)

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