30 something- Elaina


I’m excited to just be starting my 30’s.  I have two beautiful boys, I’m on maternity leave with a full time job in Saskatoon to come back to, and I just completed my Masters in Education.  I look forward to accomplishing many things in my thirties and taking advantage of my youth and energy.  Both my mother and mother in law both turned 60 this year, and neither of them could believe how quickly time really does go by.  I’ve made a promise to myself to embrace all the challenges and opportunities ahead and really enjoy every second with my kids and husband.  I want to stop worrying about the little things and what others think and just try to be the best person I can be and make the most out of this decade.

 “At the age of twenty, we don’t care what the world thinks of us; at thirty, we worry about what it is thinking of us; at forty, we discover that it wasn’t thinking of us at all. –Anonymous

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