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"Quand la peau de ma vie sera creusée de routes et de traces et de peines et de rires et de doutes, alors je demanderai juste encore une minute."
-Carla Bruni

My name's Abbie and I HAPPILY joined the ranks of 30 somethings this January. As a definite newbie, I see this post as an opportunity to discuss what I am most looking forward to in the upcoming decade.

The 20s are a happy disaster. Am I right? I don't know about you, but in my early 20s, I made enough terrible relational choices, dealt with enough personal insecurities, and wasted enough money and time as I blundered around post-secondary education to make me anxious to not waste any more time EVER!  It also made me realize how many choices we have and how many hats we can wear as grown ups. There are so many facets to explore that make us who we are. That feeling propelled me to throw myself into my passions like my faith, travelling, and languages and to develop new passions like teaching, biking, hiking, and running.

Somehow, I’ve arrived at thirty with an incredible man as my husband, a beautiful brand new daughter, and a teaching career that I am excited to grow into.  I consciously choose to be surrounded by amazing friends and family that lift me up, while other less healthy relationships have faded to the periphery.  I want to celebrate the awesome mix of parts that make up who I have become and where I am going.

To me, my thirties are the perfect balance between being young enough to have the time and energy to spend with the people I love, while having the awareness of how important and valuable those relationships are. I look forward to the time to enjoy and continue to grow in the foundations that were established in my disastrous 20s, through trial and error, hard work, and God’s grace. My hats now include friend, daughter, sister, wife, mom, teacher, and athlete. I have passions to explore, people to get to know, and confidence to enjoy both.

What an amazing place to begin.

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