Summer Read #2


I powered through my second summer read over the weekend when our camping trip was rained out. Or mosquitoed out. Actually, it was both.
I picked up Once Upon a Time There Was You when the kids and I hit up the library to get the kids set up for the summer read program.  Berg is one of my current favourite authors and I've been powering through her books.  I like her so much that after I read this one, I immediately started another of her books that I had lying around, thinking that I hadn't read it.  But then I got half way into it and realized that I'd already read it.  Oops.
So Once Upon a Time was unlike any of the Berg books that I've read.  Normally they are quite feel good but this one had some intrigue/mystery that had me hooked and unwilling to put it down.  In the end, it was the typical Berg feel goodness that left me satisfied and excited to read the next one of my list (which I'm pretty sure I haven't read...)

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