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My 20s were about me - Falling in love, starting my career, and establishing long lasting friendships.  My thirties have been about my family - creating a home, having kids, and parenting.   With managing the stress of being a working parent, getting the kids to school and their extra classes, making meals, cleaning the house, and the list goes on, there is little time leftover for 'me'.  Most of my time is spent making sure my kids are happy and I neglect to put importance on what makes me happy.

Not only am I a wife and mother, I am a woman, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and I need to make time in my schedule for the other aspects of my life that make me happy.  For me, running makes me happy.  I love the music blaring in my headphones and the sun shining down on me.  I love feeling the impact of my foot on the pavement.  It gives me time to think, to clear my head.  It makes me a better wife and mother.  If I have learned one thing in my thirties, it is to make time for myself, because I am important too.

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