What I wore last week


 Observation- really hard to take full body selfies.
Also? I look tired this week.   I need to start getting more than 7 hours of sleep a night.
Here is my outfit break down

1- This was my favourite of the week, but I couldn't get a full length shot because Lucy was having her nap in my room when I got home.  The jeans are mint skinnies and I had on a pair of leopard print Tom wedges. Denim jacket is old from the Gap and the shirt is BCBG.

 2- Kensie grey dressed paired with my fave colour for spring- coral!  Also loved this outfit, mostly because I got to rock my crazy tall Joe Jeans platform wedges (online from DSW).  Mom got me a nice coral top for my bday (which I had to return because it didn't fit me right) but I got some coral legging capris and this necklace en lieu instead)  The BCBG cardigan was from Bloomie's back when Kyla, Sara and I went.  Kyla MADE me buy it and I'm glad I did.

3- I change my mind- this is my favourite because it was so comfy.  Plus the kids and I were driving out to Humboldt that afternoon for a visit with my cousin and her gang, so it was perfect for travelling.  I just wore a pair of peep toe black flats with it.  I love the infinity scarf (simons) and the long (pajama like) tunic (BCBG from the Bay)  The leggings are runderunders by LuLu.
Lucy decided this would be the day she dances while I got ready and also that she wanted to wear her Cinderella dress to Di-nan's.

4) Thursday's outfit was my new dress from H&M in Toronto. Can you see how it's actually just a long shear dress but a short one underneath?  Paired it with the green Nine West pumps I got there too.
 Favourite necklace at the moment (Amrita Singh)
 5)And that brings us to Friday when I felt like being cozy.  Got this Calvin Klein dress last year at Winner's, but I keep seeing it there.  I have to wear it with a blazer or a jacket because it's a little bit too form fitting for a grade 9 teacher.  Sara and I both have this blazer from Simons. I like it because the cuffs roll up and are polka dots.  Also love the high lighter flats.
But I always love shoes.

This was fun!  Next week I may even do this again, but work on getting more sleep and doing my hair.


  1. Do you have your own mannequin !?!?! Lol

    Kara Cantin

  2. Deena - I love all your outfits!! I will definitely be using your ideas for some inspiration on my shopping trip to Edmonton this week.

  3. I love your outfits too. When I go back to school shopping next winter, you are coming with me!

  4. Thanks ladies-
    Kim-keep me posted on your purchases...I will live through you.
    Jordan- of course I'll shop with you. It's like asking me if I'll eat hotdogs with you.
    Kara- HEY! and yes, I do have a mannequin...more on that next week- you gave me a great idea for a post.

  5. You look so good, can you send some motivation my way??


Have a lovely day!

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