The weekend Pinterest planned my meals


I decided that this past week's menu should be inspired by pinterest- the source of all things great.  I always see recipes that look fabulous, but keep pinning them and never trying them.  Time to change that.
So this weekend, I prepped three recipes that were from pinterest.
The first was a fish taco and mango slaw recipe from Jillian Harris' blog
I order fish tacos usually every time that we go out, trying the different styles from various restaurants.  To date, my favourite are at Original Joe's.  For this recipe I use some pre-packaged sole from Costco and BBQed them on aluminum foil with olive oil and Pampered Chef's Chili Lime Rub.  It had just enough spice that the kids could still enjoy them

The second was a steak recipe that I ended up tripling because we had an impromptu backyard BBQ party when Mike, Ali &kids came up for a day visit.  Sara, Candace and kids also came over to join in the fun.  I was glad to test this recipe out on them and was very pleased with the taste, the easy preparation and the overall cost for this (I bought already thinned strips of something or other from Safeway. It was only 5$ for 3 and the meat was awesome- saved tons of time I would have otherwise spend flattening steaks)
I would definitely make this recipe again!  The only thing I did differently was use soya sauce and a bit of worchestershire as my marinade.  I had kids to feed and didn't want to spice them out.
This was also a super easy recipe to prep in the morning, let marinate and then cook up in the evening after an afternoon of fun!

The last recipe I tried, the sweet potato fries were sadly a fail.  I completely forgot to soak the sweet potatoes in the afternoon, so I hurriedly put them in water and then was rushing to coat them in cornstarch, so I forgot to dry them and then the cornstarch turned to paste, or I added too much olive oil.  In the end, I ended up throwing them in some panko bread crumbs in trying to salvage them.  Fail.  They tasted alright but not awesome.  I'll continue working on the sweet potato tonight.

The rest of the week I have more pinterest recipes lined up and will let you know how they go.  We'll be trying the pork carnitas (but I'm using chicken), the salmon avocado burgers , the spaghetti and the stuffed tilapia....all in the name of cleaning out our fridge/freezer before the big move.
Have a great weekend!

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