Travel day 4


I'm losing track of our days....
When Kyla, Sara and I went to NYC 4 years ago, we had 3 full days. It was good but a little rushed. So this trip we decided to have 4 full days. I'm glad we went with this, it feels just right.
Yesterday we learned and had a fantastic educational tour en route to Harlem on the Harlem Spiritual tour. The history of manhattan was covered and we ended at a Pentecostal mass which was so very different to anything I've ever lived. Singing, dancing, tambourines....
Next we went to Sister Act- more singing, dancing and joy joy joy! It was a good musical. Godspell is still hands down the best I've ever seen.
Our evening was spent giving mom a wardrobe overhaul at Macy's à la what not to wear.... Lots of giggles there.
Finally we did the Empire State building at night- a first for me- seeing the city lit up just added to its beauty. We ended the night at a fantastic French brasserie, les Halles, once again at 11pm.
Today is our last full day of NYC...what oh what shall be in store....

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