Travel day 2


Today was epic. I could not have written a more perfect script, thankyouverymuch.
Our fantastic day was spent at the outlet malls getting our shopping itch taken care of right off the bat so we could chill. If Park girls do anything the same- its shop: purposeful, thoughtfully and with as much zest and zeal as possible.
Things were bought, not gonna lie. While we were making our purchases- I was picturing Dan at home, with a live feed of the visa bill-slyly commenting at each purchase. My image of him was so real that I even made some of Kyla's purchases for her- just for entertainment's sake.
Banana republic, nine west, Marc jacobs, dkny, bcbgmaxaxria, Clark's (mom,duh) apparently I'm a shoe snob and too good to shop there....Oshkosh, lulu were all represented. With much joy, I might add.
Our evening was capped off with a moving performance of Godspell. The very first musical I ever fell in love with I found it so hard not to sing along as I still have the harmonies ingrained in my heart. We had front row for this intimate performance and I can't say I've seen anything as incredible. It was so good in fact that all 3 Park girls were in tears by the end and had it not been front row, I'm sure I would have broke into an ugly cry. It was that beautiful.
Because we are in the city that never sleeps, we felt the need to have supper at 11pm at a Hell's Kitchen restaurant: 5 napkin burger.
A really great day over here. Hope you're having a great weekend - we are missing our families too - in case you think we have forgotten they exist.

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