Travel day 1


4 a.m is early to get up regardless what you're doing. It does however, get more enjoyable when you're hopping a flight to New York City with your mom and sister.
Thursday was a long day of travel with a flight to Regina to Chicago then finally we were at our hotel in Times Square by supper time. The Westin Time Square is a superb choice so far for its cleanliness (it passed mom's check) and for its location. Also we're on the 44th floor of 45 and have a fantastic view.
We took it easy last night, strolling through the busy Times Square, stopping at a few shops, where mom made the trip's first official purchase- a Fossil watch- and then for a fantastic supper at the popular Toloache. It's a highly recommended Mexican eatery with authentic dishes. I had Camarones Toloache and they were superb. They also served three house guacamoles- one normal, one spicy and one with fruit.
The nuit was grand and we were quite tired and happy to snuggle in for a good night's sleep.

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