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Our last travel day of adventure we won't against our normal Park-isms and didn't plan a thing. I know- crazy, hey. I can hear Dan gasping from here. I'm a planner, Kyla's a planner and mom's a planner. It is so deep rooted in my soul that there likely isn't a minute of my day that isn't on agenda. Being a teacher doesn't help this. Another thing deeply rooted- the inability to be late for something. I hate being late and prefer to be early for being early.
Anyway- today was a play it by ear day- mostly because the weather was rainy to start with. It was refreshing to go with the ebb and flow of the city vibes, hoping on a hop on hop off bus at various stops. It was pouring off the bat and we were cold and soaked so naturally our first stop was a shoe store.
It only made sense.
After we were cozy dry, we made our way back on the bus and to the World Trade Memorial. It's crazy how much has been built on that site, among it 2 beautiful waterfall pools on the footprints of the original twin towers. I'm glad we took the time to check out this work in progress- it was beautiful.
We then toured our way back up to the hotel where Kyla and I dropped the old lady off for some quiet time (a book and a coffee) and we went and nabbed us some half price tickets to an evening show. Totally unplanned, entirely liberating. Our choices were Mamma Mia, Rent, Ghost or Phantom. We went with Phantom. I last saw this show 20 years ago as my very first musical. It was a grade 6 school trip and I likely was more excited for a bus ride with my friends and boys and a trip to the mall but the musical also created a love for me that still burns. I also remember Jason stealing a hat from the mall and getting in serious shit.
With that our trip comes to an end and we're back to our sweet little families tomorrow. I can't wait to hug my kids and cuddle with my hubby!!!!

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  1. I am proud of the three of you for going outside of your comfort zones! I am not sure I could have done it!


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