Mommy diaries: Tara


Meet Tara: she is a friend that I met at work and have really enjoyed getting to know.  She is fun loving, positive and a very uplifting person.  I really enjoy being around her and am sad but happy for her that she'll be moving back to MJ in the fall to be closer to fam.  Totally understand that. But will still miss her and her beautiful daughter. 
I admire her ability to be happy all the time!  I'm sure she'll say I'm full of it, but really, she always seems so cheerful and smiley.
I enjoy our coffee dates with Tara and Elaina. I always leave smiling.
I am thankful for the chance I had to get to know her.  Although she's moving and I likely won't see her often, I'll still stalk her on FB and feel like I am close to her.
I think other moms would enjoy the positive vibes she sends out.  She makes you feel good every time you see her and it's evident that she loves being a mom because she is doing such a wonderful job.
This is Tara:

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