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Meet Elaina:  we both started teaching at Cross at the same time and have been friends ever since.  Elaina is hardworking, motivated with usually a whole wack of activities on her plate.  Nothing slows her down and she takes projects on with open arms.   
Speaking of projects, when I first sent out the Mommy Diary email to my friends, she was 3 days overdue and obviously not ready to share her journey.  But willing she was and sure enough she was at it almost immediately, carefully documenting what she wanted to say about her new role in life.  
I love seeing Elaina as a mom.  Not only is she disciplined in her readings and learnings on different techniques and products but she glows with this newfound love.  And let me tell you, she's naturally going to be a wonderful mother as I'm sure she'll approach this endeavor with as much finesse and passion as she does every other project in life.
I admire Elaina's willingness to give.  She's is constantly reaching out to others.
I enjoy working with her on photography and hope we can continue with our teamwork.
I am thankful for her friendship.  It was scary and lonely moving to a giant high school with an intimidating number of staff.  She made me feel comfortable and quickly became someone I could turn to.
I think other moms would benefit from the joy and deep love that she has found in becoming a mom.  I find it refreshing to be around her and it makes me remember how precious and fleeting time with our babies are.
This is Elaina:

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