Mommy diaries: Renée


Meet Renée: my cousin, my friend.  I love that I get to share my experiences with her as our children grow up, side by side, just like we did.  Willis asks about Jarek usually once a week, which reminds me of the importance of continuing our traveling play-dates (which we should do soon, cousin!)I love spending time with Renée and I love the mom that she has become.  She is talented, creative and has such a warm heart that anyone would be lucky to call her a friend.
I admire her ability to maintain a balance in her life with working out, going to Church and remaining educated. Her children will definitely benefit from seeing that.
I enjoy spending time with her, especially when we're taking in a NKOTB concert, or two...or three....
I am thankful for her homecooked meals. I always want to steal her recipes after.  So good!
I think other moms would benefit from her friendliness and ability to make you feel at ease. She's very welcoming.
This is Renée:

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