Mommy diaries: Rae and Monique, the University Edition.


 Meet Rae:  I was fortunate to have the occasion to get to know Rae in university where we both studied to be French teachers.  I also lived with her my year in Quebec City.  Rae is the sweetest, kindest, most docile person I have ever met.  You would be lucky to have her teach your children.  Granted we live in different cities and rarely see each other, she has had a huge impact on my life.  I always strive to be a kinder person after being in her presence, so I can just imagine the great mom she has become.
I admire the sense of calm I get from her, even through emails.
I enjoy her monthly updates, that keep me feeling close to her.
I am thankful for her living with us in Quebec- she kept us balanced and was a great cereal eating partner late at night.
I think other moms would appreciate the genuine answers you get from Rae.  She is so thoughtful and sweet.
This is Rae:

Meet Monique:  We studied side by side to become high school french teachers, except Monique had the guts to do all things I dream of doing:  she aupaired in Paris, she heads student travel clubs to Europe, she runs a Photography Club, she has fantastic rapport with her students, to name a few.  I look up to her teaching style so much, it's no wonder that I feel the same about her parenting.  Monique is down to earth and has a smile that can light up a room.
I admire the work she does balancing her life.
I enjoy her writing style and keeping track of her on her blog
I am thankful for the gift of reading she renewed in me during University.  This is something I haven't stopped doing and will in turn influence my children.
I think other moms would benefit from her taking your picture.  She is a very gifted photographer!
Voici Monique:

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  1. You're right Deena - Rae & Monique are not only magnificent parents but they are incredibly strong women and amazing friends! It's a priviledge knowing them!!!


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