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Meet Marlene:  My mom.  What better way to start off my birthday then with a post by the one who raised me.  I find it so interesting to read her point of view on parenting, I guess you never really understand/appreciate the choices and decisions that parents make until you are actually parents yourself.  So hats off to my mom, I think she did a wonderful job with the little what she had to work with ;) (Clearly I'm talking about Rob here)
I admire her constant quest for knowledge and learning.  Maybe that's why I became a teacher?
I enjoy her ability to manage a house-full when we're all home and not to get stressed out or all begiggity on us. Even when SOMEONE throws bread at another SOMEONE during a meal, spilling wine everywhere.
I am thankful for the lessons she has taught me and continues to teach me.
I think other moms would benefit from her wisdom gained from being SOOO old.  Bahahah. 
This is my mom:


  1. I have obviously taken my washing machine for granted - thanks for giving us perspective Marlene!

    Happy Birthday BFF - hope it is a good one filled with lots sleep, coffee, and cake!

  2. *sniff* "missing those small hands holding onto your own".....*sniff* damn prego hormones! . I love this post, I wish I had entire book of posts like this from should write a book Deena! New hobby;)?

  3. funny you say that, Carm, I was just telling Christy this morning how I had considered asking some Grandmoms, but then would have far too many posts. I think that'll be the next round! Great minds think alike ;)

  4. Do the 3 of you ever look alike in those pictures! I like your mom's perspective as well. Very interesting!

  5. ohmigod - who in the heck was my hairdresser back then!


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