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Meet Liz:  My friendship with Liz began when I was interning at Feehan and she was just starting teaching.  She was an excellent person to talk to and to go to for help.  As years went by we lost contact but then found ourselves right next to each other again when I moved back to Saskatoon.  
Our lives are so similar.  Not only do we teach at the same school, but we were married 10 days apart, our sons are 6 days apart and our girls are one month apart.  Crazy.
I admire Liz's honesty and ability to ask for advice or help.
I enjoy having someone at work who is on the exact same page as me in life; someone who understands my random vents over lunch. 
I am thankful for her organizational skills.  Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with play dates, but she is great at making sure we get the boys some play time in !
I think other moms would appreciate her tidbits of information.  I would say that Liz is a researched and educated parent, which is always nice to have around because we all know that there is always something going on.
This is Liz:

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