Mommy diaries: Jodee


Meet Jodee:  She is a high school friend whom I've had the chance to reconnect with through our kids.  I'm very happy to have her back in my life because she brings an entirely different perspective to my mothering philosophy, and I love that.  You should read some of her thoughts on natural childbirth and her experiences birthing her babies at home on her blogJodee is also one of my few friends who has ventured into the realm of three children and therefore has earned superstar status in my books.
I admire her calm demeanor.
I enjoy reading about how she copes with three, wondering if I could do it too.
I am thankful that we've reconnected and think we should have a playdate soon. Hint, hint.
I think other moms will benefit from the feeling you get when you're around her. I never feel judged by her, she is such a good person.

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