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Meet Erin:  She's probably my 'newest' friend of all my mommy friends that you are meeting and I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to her through music, jazz hands and all.  We've worked together directing musicals and found an instant friendship and shared love of red heels. 
Erin and James welcomed their first son, Oliver, into the world 6 (I may be off a week or two...) weeks early.  He spent time in NICU and had a major surgery, all in his first month of life.  Obviously not exactly what new parents envision.  Through it all, Erin and James kept on such brave, calm faces that I couldn't help but be moved by their strength, love and faith.  Seriously a wonderful couple and a beautiful little boy!
I admire Erin's faith.  She is so strong in her beliefs, which in turn are clearly reflected in her values and choices in life.  
I enjoy every minute I get with her.  She has such a cheery disposition, she's friendly and she has a wonderfully positive outlook on life.  She's the type of person that makes you happy just to be around.
I am thankful for her friendship and the time we share with them over supper.  Speaking of which, we need to do supper this month.
I think other moms would benefit from the genuine sense of care you get from her.  She is so kind and thoughtful.
Here is Erin:

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